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98 Junk Removal knows just how serious a hoarding situation can be, and if you are living with a horde of junk, you’re not alone. Having undertaken thousands of hoarder clean-out jobs in the past, our licensed and insured team understands that hoarding is widespread and not unusual. Our compassionate 98junkies has faced down some of the worst hordes in the area, and we can help you if you’re ready to reclaim your space. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 754 215 4001.

Living with a horde of junk, and trash isn’t just stressful for you and your loved ones; it can also pose health and safety hazards to everyone who enters your home or property. Hoarding can also put you in violation of codes and ordinances, landing you in legal trouble. What’s more, in extreme situations, mountains of junk caused by hoarding can lead to structural failure of your property. Don’t let it get that far. Let us help. We can haul away unwanted and unneeded items by the truckload. Our team is courteous, friendly, and not judgmental. You don’t have to tackle what may seem like a hopeless situation on your own.

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